Anchor Wall Systems


Anchor Wall Systems include a wide variety of innovative specialty textures, sizes and colors.   The possibilities are endless with the array of choices offered by Anchor Retaining Walls.

  • Small block system
  • Anchor Product line: Diamond Pro®, Vertica®, Landmark, Highland Stone®
  • Anchor Landmark System is DOT and HITEC approved in Mid-Atlantic
  • Anchorplex ™  uses structural backfill in lieu of geogrid
  • Engineer friendly for tall wall applications
  • No pins, No mortar. No misalignments
  • Color palate offering (hover over this to see color swatch; click link to open colors in new window)



Harness the power of gravity by using blocks weighing over one ton each. The massive scale of the system allows gravity walls to be built much higher than other wall systems without using geogrid or tiebacks. Redi-Rock products capture the “Essence of Natural Rock” with textures so natural, many mistake it for quarried stone.

  • Big block system
  • Multiple faces: Redi-Rock Ledgestone, Redi-Rock Cobblestone, Redi-Rock Limestone (hover over this to see face chart; click link to open face chart in new window)
  • Standard block face is 5.75 sf
  • Ideal for cut situations and situations where property lines and/or utility conflicts exist
  • Positive Connection System – a highly efficient use of geogrid reinforcement through a simple and efficient positive connection
  • Can be designed with grid reinforcement to attain greater heights
  • Accessory Products: columns, steps, caps and force protection blocks

Stone ® Strong Retaining Walls


Massive in size and scale, making them ideal for use in large-scale applications, including highway, railroad, commercial and waterways to name a few. Stone Strong blocks are engineered both structurally and geotechnically.

  • Big Block system
  • VDOT, MSHA and HITEC approved
  • Standard block  face is 24 sf (faster installation)
  • Ideal for cut situations and situations where property lines and/or utility conflicts exist
  • Gravity wall for heights up to 18' based upon site conditions
  • With proper engineering and geogrid reinforcement, can reach heights up to 40'
  • Built in drainage system, requiring no additional parts or labor

LOCK + LOAD™ Wall Systems


LOCK+LOAD "Stones", each of which is an independent and self-sufficient earth retention module that can be used in various geometries to create unique structures that are adaptable to numerous site requirements.

  • Rugged quarried stone appearance
  • Large 16” x 32” facing area
  • Steel and Fiber reinforced solid concrete
  • Engineered design
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost